Eric Simonson

Writer & director for film, television, theatre, and opera

Eric Simonson is a writer and director for film, television, theatre and opera. Recent films include the documentary, "Studs Terkel: Listening to America," "A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin", and "On Tiptoe: Gentle Steps to Freedom."

On Tiptoe: Gentle Steps to Freedom

A short documentary profile of South African singing group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. They are best known for backing Paul Simon on his "Graceland" album.

Nominated for the Academy Award in Best Documentary, Short Subjects (2001). 
Won the IDA Award for Short Documentaries (2001).
Nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Cultural and Artistic Programming - Long Form  (2002). 


"Delightful profile of Paul Simon's fave vocal group... Mood is intimate, sound is good, and editing leaves auds wanting more Mambazo."
-Variety, Ken Eisner

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