Eric Simonson

Writer & director for film, television, theatre, and opera

Eric Simonson is a writer and director for film, television, theatre and opera. Recent films include the documentary, "Studs Terkel: Listening to America," "A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin", and "On Tiptoe: Gentle Steps to Freedom."


Eric Simonson co-directed this classic Shakespeare tragedy with Campbell Scott (Singles, The Spanish Prisoner). Campbell Scott also adapted and stars in the title role with Tony Award winner Blair Brown (Copenhagen) as his mother Gertrude.

"Mr. Scott's is something that must be seen. It is, in a word, compelling."
                           -The New York Times, Stephen Holden

"You can tell this is a smart take on Hamlet from the first wordless opening shots."
                           -New York Post, Jonthan Foreman

"In one of the most accessible versions of 'Hamlet' yet committed to film, Campbell Scott’s self-helmed Great Dane is more than ever a man for our time." 
                            -Variety, Ken Eisner

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